I thought it would be good to touch the subject of prices I charge for my services and the typical work process.


There are various ways to pay for work that I do. It all depends on the comunication between me and the client.

I usually prefer to be paid per hour of work. I keep an accurate log of hours that I work on specific project for a specific clients including description of work done during the time. That way the client has good control over where the time is spent. Sometimes we discuss the amount of time that is to be put into a job and in case it is possible I adjust my work process to arrive at a result in the specified amount of hours.

Say a client wishes to put a maximum of 12 work hours into an image. I start the image and proceed with detail and quality level corresponding to the time given. In case the client wishes to do changes, additions or enhance the detail level, more time is going to have to be spent.

In some cases we might settle on a price for the whole job up front.

At the current time I charge arround 30 USD per hour of my services. (500 CZK) Since I work on more projects at a time I can usually guarantee about 10 work hours per week to a client. This can all be negotiated of course.

Here's a sample worklog for you to see.


I always make sure to sign a contract with a client prior to engaging in a work relationship. I will be glad to send you my contract template. It is a very simple contract specifing the job, prices and copyrights. I have no problem aligning with contracts supplied by the client himself. MNDAs are obviously no problem either.

I hope this has been of help for you to see the way I work. In case you are interested in my services, feel free to contact me right away.